Festival Weddings


Nestled in the heart of Santa Catarina Palopo, a private lakefront villa played host to a wedding celebration that was nothing short of magical. The venue was transformed into a mini music festival, complete with breathtaking views and festival-inspired decor. The energy was palpable, as guests revealed in the peaceful yet electric vibe that permeated every inch of the stunning property.

The festivities kicked off in Antigua Guatemala, where the couple held a welcome cocktail party that was reminiscent of a disco in the midst of one of our all-time favorite ruins, La Ermita. The event was decorated with bold red, black, and gold colors, which perfectly complemented the fusion-inspired finger foods and local liquors that were served.

But that was just the beginning. The true magic happened at the lakefront villa in Santa Catarina Palopo. As guests arrived, they were greeted with teepees integrated into the festival-inspired decor, which set the stage for an unforgettable celebration.

The ceremony itself was a sight to behold. Against a stunning backdrop of the lake and the surrounding mountains, the couple exchanged vows that were filled with love and emotion. The ceremony was a Chinese ceremony that added an extra layer of cultural significance to the already magical event. The couple paid homage to their heritage by including the solemn tea ceremony, a tradition that symbolizes respect and gratitude towards the couple’s parents and elders.

As the couple exchanged vows, their families and guests looked on, moved by the beauty of the ceremony and the love that was shared between the couple. The solemnity of the tea ceremony and the deep-rooted cultural significance of the ritual added a unique dimension to the wedding, making it an experience that was truly special and unforgettable.

The ceremony ended with a very emotive lighting of candles and setting off a paper lantern into the sunset, symbolizing the release of worries and hopes for a bright and happy future together. The emotion in the air was palpable, and there was not a dry eye in the crowd. It was a beautiful way to end the ceremony and to
celebrate the start of a new chapter in the couple’s lives.

The reception that followed was nothing short of epic. The energy was high as guests danced the night away, fueled by the amazing music and festive atmosphere. The food was a delicious fusion of local Guatemalan flavors and international cuisine, and the drinks flowed freely, ensuring that everyone had a great time.

Throughout the celebration, the couple’s love and joy were evident. They radiated happiness, and their infectious energy was felt by everyone in attendance. The festival-inspired decor, teepees, and breathtaking views all came together to create a truly unforgettable experience.

As the night wore on and the festivities came to a close, it was clear that this wedding had been something special. The memories created will last a lifetime, and the love shared by the couple and their guests will continue to live on in their hearts. This was truly a wedding to remember, a festival-inspired celebration that brought together the best of music, food, and love. The Festival Wedding was a beautiful coming together of cultures, love, and celebration. From the welcome cocktail in Antigua Guatemala to the ceremony and reception at the lakefront villa, every moment was filled with joy and love. The couple's commitment to their culture and heritage, combined with their fun-loving spirit, made for a wedding that was truly unforgettable.