As you plan for the day you’ll say “I do there’s a place that will make your heart skip a beat – the ruins of Capuchinas in Antigua, Guatemala. This enchanting site, also known as the Convent and Church of Our Lady of Zaragoza, is a gem of 18th-century architecture and will transport you and your beloved back in time.

For centuries, Capuchinas was home to the order of Capuchinas nuns, who believed in sacrifice through work and poverty. Their strict rules may have been tough, but this convent is now a symbol of beauty and love, making it the perfect place for you to start your happily ever after. Imagine walking through the magnificent entrance of Capuchinas, with its two grand wooden doors that
open into the church. The sight of the impressive two-level courtyard, complete with a colonial fountain at the center, will take your breath away. You can even access a second level of the courtyard, providing a stunning perspective for your photos.

As you stroll through the green gardens and charming courtyards, you’ll feel as if you’re in a dream. Capuchinas boasts sixteen reclusion cells forming a circular layout that surrounds the patio, creating an intimate and unique space. You’ll feel the love and the history that this place holds, as you envision exchanging your vows in this magical setting.

Capuchinas offers a wide variety of spaces with original and diverse environments. This venue is perfect for you if you want to celebrate your love in a unique and unforgettable way, without ever having to leave the site. Its well-preserved cells and beautiful architecture will make your destination wedding even more romantic and memorable. Choose Capuchinas, and let this enchanting ruin become the backdrop for your love story.