Festive Chic Weddings

Jirah & Carlos

Antigua, Guatemala played host to a stunning wedding celebration that left guests spellbound and filled with joy. The festivities took place in the beautiful monuments of La Casa de Las Ruinas, where love was felt from the very start.

As the bride and groom made their way down the aisle, the bride’s daughter serenaded them with her soulful voice, setting the tone for a wedding that would be remembered for years to come. The décor was subtle and elegant, with tones of greens and whites that blended seamlessly with the surroundings. A beautiful half arch decorated the backdrop, adding to the ambiance of the ceremony.

Following the ceremony, guests were surprised by the appearance of a live band that led the group to the reception venue, San Jose el Viejo. The lively music filled the streets, and people joined the festive fun as they watched the guests dance their way into the ruins.

The reception itself was a sight to behold, with long tables adorned in tones of green, white, crystal, and gold that perfectly complemented the surroundings. The decor was tasteful and elegant, yet playful, capturing the spirit of the occasion.

But the true highlight of the night came when the bride surprised the groom and the guests with a perfectly executed dance that involved her friends and daughter. As they danced over the printed dance floor, their movements seemed to embody the pure joy and love that had brought them all together on this special day.

The wedding was a true celebration of love, and it was evident that every detail had been thoughtfully planned to make the occasion memorable and special for all who attended. The beauty of the venue, the subtle yet elegant decor, and the lively entertainment all came together to create an unforgettable evening. The wedding in Antigua, Guatemala was a true testament to the power of love and the joy that comes from celebrating life’s happiest moments with the ones we love. As the night drew to a close and the guests began to depart, they left with memories that they would cherish for years to come.