San Jose el Viejo

Envision your dream wedding in a breathtaking, centuries-old church that radiates with a unique charm and sophistication. San Jose El Viejo, a hidden gem in Antigua, is the perfect destination for a truly intimate and enchanting wedding celebration. As you approach the facade of the temple, the high frontal part between two towering bell towers and columns enriched with sculptured rings creates a strikingly traditional yet elegant atmosphere. You’ll feel transported to another time, as if you’re stepping into a fairytale.

The interior of San Jose El Viejo is just as stunning, with high-ceiling domes and numerous niches embedded in the walls. Imagine being surrounded by the warm, soft light of hundreds of candles, illuminating every corner of the temple, as you exchange your vows and start your forever together.


As you step outside into the small garden in front of the church, you’ll be filled with a sense of pure joy and excitement, knowing that this beautiful setting will be the backdrop to your unforgettable wedding day. It’s the perfect place to gather with your bridal party before making your grand entrance, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

With San Jose El Viejo’s covered indoors, your wedding can be held year-round, rain or shine. It’s an ideal location for both intimate and larger weddings, providing the perfect mix of historical charm and modern convenience.

Choosing San Jose El Viejo as your wedding venue will be a decision you’ll never regret. It’s a truly special and romantic setting that will make your wedding day one of the most magical and unforgettable experiences of your life.